It was a balmy day at Glennie today, but the hot summer conditions didn’t deter our Year 4 and 5 girls from enjoying their Friday sport. 

The girls spent the morning practising some new touch football techniques, specifically their ball control, and footwork, and finished off the lesson with some gameplay. The activities are not only a wonderful way to develop the girls’ love of sport, overall fitness, and camaraderie, but the girls were definitely having fun as well. 

Tayla, in Year 5 mentioned “My favourite thing today was the running race, where we touched the ball with both feet;, Athena, likewise enjoyed the afternoon, but her favourite activity was ball passing “Our team all got to pass the ball, and we were really fast”. 

These touch football skills not only build the overall technical standard of all of the girls but will see Glennie building towards stronger representative teams for Glennie in the years to come. Both Bailee and Tayla gave the exercise an “8/10, it would have been a 10, but it was really hot!”.