Our K-2 Information Morning visitors would have noticed that the Glennie Assembly Hall is a hive of activity this week, with our Prep to Year 6 girls taking part in their Term 1 IdeasPLUS@Glennie workshop, Strategic Thinking.

With tables lined up, and boards set, our girls learnt there is a lot more to chess than just black and white tiles. Our resident Glennie chess teacher Ted, worked with the girls to develop their understanding of what strategic thinking is through actions and play.

Using the game and principles of chess, our girls learnt how to identify strategic thinking and to apply what they have learnt in the context of the game. The exercise will assist our Junior Years girls to develop important strategic skills used for problem solving, strategic thinking, games and communication, all whilst introducing them to chess as an extracurricular activity.

The family chess competitions at home are sure to be extra strategic this week! Let us know who comes out on top.