Nothing screams Glennie School spirit quite like a House carnival and in Term One the Junior and Senior Years Swim Carnivals reign supreme. 

The Glennie Aquatics Centre is the place to be in this late summer heat, and on a balmy afternoon the Junior Years carnival was the first opportunity that some of our younger Glennie girls to experience the camaraderie that comes along with House Carnivals. 

It shouldn’t work, but when you combine the smell of chlorine, multi-coloured tutus, wigs, hats, balloons and a bevy of excitable girls, you create something quite magical. There is nothing quite like a school sport’s carnival to ignite one’s inner spirit and make you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself. No matter what their experience level, all of the girls were given the opportunity to race.

Our super fish swimmers put their hours of training to the test, providing some memorable races throughout the day. Likewise our younger tadpoles, many of who were new to swimming were cheered ferociously from the stands and supported in the pool by swim instructors and other Glennie girls. 

Our newly appointed Year 6 House Officials took their job seriously as chief motivators, commiserators, and lolly marshals, and our Senior Years girls joined us for the day and provided wonderful moral support and encouragement from each end of the pool.

The girls in purple took home bragging rights, with Webber narrowly beating out their rivals on the day. 

With the bar set firmly high by our Junior girls, our Senior Years girls converged on the pool for their own Senior Years Swim Carnival. The stands were filled to the brim with house spirit, and with the chants, cheers, and clapping at ear-splitting levels, the girls hit the pool with a splash. 

The girls had taken a leaf out of the Junior Years book and put in their best effort filing the poolside with colour. Whether it the Hale House Incredible Hulks, Tufnells superheroes, Webbers wonderful hats or Donaldsons’ capes, everyone was dressed to impress. 

But for all of the action outside of the water, the real action was in it. The competition was fast, and the times were faster. As the screams hit fever pitch, Hale House hit the lead and finished the day on top taking home the House Cup.

For all of the excitement across these two exciting days one thing can be for certain, School spirit, camaraderie and encouragement of one another is alive and well at Glennie. Congratulations girls.